Maison Margiela


      A brand that is supported by fashion enthusiasts regardless of gender.
      Using used clothing fabrics and reconstructing clothing from Margera's unique perspective Creating new silhouettes, etc.
      Making clothes that overturn the conventional wisdom, It also had a great influence on many designers.
      Standard items include "AIDS T", which is a charity T-shirt for eradicating AIDS and supporting patients, "Elbow patch knit" with a patch on the elbow and "Tabi shoes" revivaled and huge hit as classics.
      Many fans are looking forward to the release of the design that is updated every season. It realizes high-quality comfort in an inorganic design, and can be long- term use without being influenced by trends.
      The four threads, which are sewn with a so-called "calendar tag" that lists numbers, are also a symbol of the brand.

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